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Aiden Chehade

National Certified Counselor

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and handling everything by yourself? Maybe you're too stressed, frustrated, and lonely to really enjoy your life. It's tough to maintain motivation when it feels like nothing is getting better, but you know on some level that it doesn't have to be this way. Looking for help can be the first step towards change.

I understand how hard it is to deal with these issues, especially if you're used to dealing with things on your own. I want to provide a space where you feel comfortable exploring and addressing these issues at a pace that feels right to you.

Together, we can tackle the issues you're dealing with, whether that's stress management, anxiety, depression, or navigating strained or confusing relationships. We can work together to understand where your problem is coming from and find strategies that work for you. You deserve to live a life that feels authentic and full.

If you're ready to begin this journey, please reach out. You don't have to face this alone - I'm here to help.

Payment Options

Cigna, Private Pay

Cost Per Session*

$110 - $125

* All clients are charged an additional $5 per month to cover the cost of recurring assessments. Read more about this fee on our Practice Policies and Informed Consent page under "Blueprint Assessment Portal Fee."
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