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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I am a therapist trained in third wave cognitive therapies including both DBT and ACT. I work with clients who are struggling with depression, anxiety, insomnia, trauma, and other problematic concerns. My style centers around evidence based practices that can and do really work with the right amount of commitment and courage. Remember “it works” but “it IS still work.” I don’t offer any quick fixes or magic pills.

Sometimes facing the darkness in life, even in us, can be downright terrifying and yet in doing so we often find purpose in the struggle and a life worth living. This is why I offer to go on the journey together with you, our road built on tolerance, patience, and devotion to living by our values.




Rob holds a Master of Science in Social Work from University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 

He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and certified in Dialectal Behavioral Therapy.