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Jimmy Hill

Founder and Co-owner
Licensed Professional Counselor - MHSP 
Certified Sex Addiction Therapist 
Certified Psychological Assistant

Jimmy Hill founded Trailhead Treatment Center, here in Knoxville, which specializes in working with folks who identify as male and the range of issues that primarily affect them. He is passionate about working with men because he deeply understands what it’s like to be plagued by the mental and physical issues that affect them.


Jimmy grew up with caregivers who struggled with a range of mental health issues. As a result of Jimmy's own untreated trauma and neurodivergence, he did not understand his own feelings or trust his intuition causing him to develop very low self-esteem.


It only took one bachelors degree in psychology, one masters degree in counseling, five years of being a therapist, three children, a failing marriage, and almost reaching burnout for him to go to therapy himself.  While undergoing treatment for his own trauma and learning he had ADHD, he finally realized that he could not heal himself by helping others.


His passion is for working with men who, like him, struggle with complex relational trauma. In men, complex trauma can manifest in a number of ways, including everything from depression and rage to severe addiction and self-harming behaviors, all of which wreak havoc on their relationships. Jimmy’s specific training includes treating men who struggle with compulsive sexual behaviors, compulsive pornography use, and the subsequent relational problems that follow.


He resides in Knoxville, Tennessee with his wife and three children and enjoys spending as much time as possible with the four of them, while also learning how to develop close, vulnerable relationships with other men in his life. He’s learning how to be a better dad and partner, while being a business owner and therapist.

Payment Options: UHC/Optum, Cigna, Private Pay



Jimmy holds a Master of Arts in counseling from Trevecca Nazarene University and Bachelors of Science in Psychology from East Tennessee State University. 

He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Mental Health Service Provider, Certified Psychological Assistant and a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist - Candidate. 


Jimmy's specific philosophy of treatment would be characterized as a trauma-informed.  Meaning, he views the majority of patients' life problems as adaptations to the issues that plagued them throughout their key developmental years. He is trained in both EMDR and IFS.

He works with clients who are struggling with sexually compulsive and addictive behaviors including compulsive porn use, infidelity, sexual aversions, and other problematic behaviors. He does not discriminate against any person who comes seeking help with sexual problems. Rather, he offers a non-judgmental, empirically-based approach to help work through and resolve behaviors.

These experiences can range from life transitions to forms of severe abuse. He assists clients with addressing the impact these experiences have had on them by comprehensively identifying the origins of these experiences and addressing present problems.


If you are curious about whether or not a compulsion or addiction is present, Jimmy offers assessments to determine the specific nature of the behavior and collaborate with you on treatment goals.  Jimmy provides consultations for both partners in the relationship. He does not offer couples therapy but makes appropriate referrals when necessary. 

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