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But sometimes the pressures of traditional male expectations in our society make it hard to ask for help.

Supportive Friend
Image by Oliver Paaske

We promote intentional connection, curiosity, collaboration, and specialization in our own work as therapists and also in our relationships with our clients.  

But what does that actually mean?


Psychologist Session


The key ingredient for connection in therapy is openness.  We hear clients often describe past experiences in therapy as boring, directionless or awkward.  Being a great therapist means being an active listener but also someone who creates an atmosphere that is safe and affirming.  You wouldn’t want to share deep questions or fears with someone who made you feel uneasy.  Because we get that, our methods allow clients to get past old stumbling blocks and engage in courageous and productive sessions.

Supportive Friend


Trying to tackle problems without anyone to ask for help or advice is lonely.  We never want that for our clients, or our therapists. We have intentionally created an environment in which our clinicians meet weekly to connect, get help, exchange advice and wisdom, and just check-in with one another.  Because we are in the habit of working with each other, we can put it into practice by actively collaborating with clients on their own goals.  We believe in the power of our clients to discover their own solutions. Our therapists exist to facilitate that growth and understanding.

Attentive Therapist


We want to nurture the feeling of child-like curiosity and willingness to adventure into the unknown.  Our therapists are curious and never complacent about their current level of knowledge, skill, creativity, philosophies, and education.  We encourage that through example in every client we see and ask those that come our way to remain open to new ways of being, doing and living.



We support our clinicians in their career goals and encourage specialized training in a variety of modalities.  Clinicians who feel confident in their training have greater job satisfaction and provide more complete care for their clients.  People who engage in therapy that is designed to target their own situation and needs experience faster, more lasting results.

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