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Payment and Cancelation Policy

Below you'll find our Payment and Cancelation Policy. This policy helps us ensure our therapists are paid equitably and reliably for their time and work, independent of unforeseen and foreseen events in the lives of our clients that may cause them to not attend scheduled therapy sessions. By scheduling with a therapist at Trailhead, clients agree to abide by this policy. 

To learn about why our cancelation policy exists in the form that it does, click here


Therapist Session Rate

Individual session rates (referred to also as "full rate" or "private pay rate") will range from $50-$200, depending on the therapist's assignment and the therapist’s licensing level, experience, training, and certifications. Rate changes may be made with the therapist's approval. The client acknowledges that their therapist's session rate has been communicated to them and is available and updated at The client agrees to be ultimately responsible for making sure payment is received in full, even when utilizing third-party assistance. The client understands that their therapist may find it necessary to increase the rate for a single session based on circumstances such as: the session was a family or couples session, or the session required more preparation work than typical. The client agrees and understands that these charges will be applied to that session.

Using Insurance

The client understands and agrees that insurance can only be billed if the client's therapist is paneled with the client's insurance company. The client agrees that it is the client's responsibility to check with their insurance company to verify eligibility and copay. The client understands and agrees that, when insurance claims are submitted on the client's behalf, they may be applied to the deductible or not at all, and if this happens, the client understands that the client will be charged for the balance. If the client's therapist does not accept the client's insurance and the client still selects "Insurance" pay, the client understands that the service will default to self-pay.


Late Cancelation and No-Show Fee

The client understands and agrees that if they do not show up for a scheduled therapy session or cancel the session fewer than twenty-four business hours before the scheduled start of the session, the client will be charged the full rate of the session to the card on file. The client understands that if they are utilizing insurance or third-party pay and violate TTC's Cancelation Policy by either not showing up for their session or canceling their session fewer than twenty-four business hours before the scheduled start time of their session, the client will be charged directly for the therapist's FULL RATE (not just the client's insurance co-pay) for a therapy session to the card on file. As such, the client acknowledges that even if the client is utilizing third-party or insurance pay, it is the client's responsibility to know the therapist's full session rate and to provide a credit card to keep on file in the secure credit card portal.

Timely Attendance

If a client utilizes insurance, the client acknowledges that if they are more than ten minutes late to a session, this may cause their therapist to be unable to bill the full cost of the session to insurance, and the therapist will not bill insurance for an abbreviated session. The client acknowledges that, in such an event, the client will be responsible for paying their therapist’s full session rate, which will range from $50-$200, depending on the therapist's assignment and the therapist’s experience, training, and certifications. Exceptions may be made by therapist approval.

BluePrint Health 

Trailhead clinicians and their clients have access to a comprehensive, evidence-based, and HIPAA-compliant Measurement-Based Care interface called Blueprint. Blueprint is a user-friendly interface that equips clients and their therapists with the best tools to understand clients’ mental health challenges and track their progress during their time in therapy. The client acknowledges that, to cover the cost of Blueprint, a flat, nominal fee of five dollars per month will be charged to the client for any month the client has a therapy session. The client aknoeldges that this fee does not increase based on how many additional sessions they schedule in a given month, nor does it increase based on how many assessments the client completes in the Blueprint portal. Due to the Blueprint subscription requirements and Trailhead's administrative limitations, the client acknowledges and agrees that it is not feasible for individual clients to opt out of the five-dollar monthly fee, even if they do not desire to utilize Blueprint as part of their therapeutic experience at Trailhead. By scheduling an appointment in a given month, the client agrees to pay the five-dollar assessment fee for that month, independent of whether the client chooses to utilize Blueprint. The client acknowledges that this service and fee exist independent of health insurance coverage and thus agrees to pay the five-dollar fee out of pocket, even if the client utilizes insurance to pay for their therapy sessions. 

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