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Hannah Cole

Licensed Professional Counselor, Mental Health Service Provider
Certified Master ART Practitioner
Level 1 Trained Relational Life Therapist

Change is hard.  If it was easy, I would not have a job. Through years of engaging in my own personal journey through change and growth, I have come to believe several things. 


First, Trauma resolution is vital and one of the first steps to change.  I believe the way our brain responds with protective, pain-avoidant measures to traumatic experiences is one of the main reasons that we so often can know exactly what we need to do or how we should act and yet still not have the ability to get it done consistently or at all sometimes.


Secondly, I believe that emotional wholeness is vital to change.  Feelings are not four-letter words to be judged or dismissed as weakness.  They are a vital part of our experience of ourselves, and they deserve respect.  Therefore, I believe that change requires learning to allow all our emotions and the emotions of our loved ones without having to suppress them. We then learn how to release our emotions, which allows us to move on and make wise decisions that are true to our values and beliefs.


Finally, I believe that we change best in relationship, and a relationship with a therapist is a great place to start.  I utilize ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy), IFS (Internal Family Systems) and RLT (Relational Life Therapy) to help you learn to feel again. Only when we learn to feel can we then learn to feel good, heal from past challenges and losses, ease anxiety, move THROUGH life’s valleys, and into genuinely loving relationships.


I am comfortable being uncomfortable right beside you because this is what change requires. I won’t lie to you: the path will be tough at first.  But it will get easier.  I will celebrate each step with you and help you to keep going no matter how slow or small the progress. You can feel happy, confident, and at peace.  You can like and respect the person you see in the mirror. All you need is the courage to start.

Payment Options

 UHC/Optum, Private Pay

Cost Per Session*

$125 - $140

* All clients are charged an additional $5 per month to cover the cost of recurring assessments. Read more about this fee on our Practice Policies and Informed Consent page under "Blueprint Assessment Portal Fee."


Below you will find helpful videos, handouts and links to continue your journey at home.

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