Licensed Professional Counselor - MHSP

"I don't need (or want) to talk about it." This may be what you have always believed, but life keeps happening and now you don't know what else to do. "It" could be that you feel like no one has ever really understood you or accepted you as you are. "It" could be something hurtful or traumatic that happened to you. "It" might be a relationship with someone you really love, but you just can't seem to make it work. "It" could also be the shame you feel after turning to substances or addictive behaviors to fill the emptiness. At some point, everything that used to work stops working and you wonder if you will ever be happy again.

Hannah can help you learn to feel good again, heal from past challenges and losses, ease anxiety, move through life's valleys and have genuinely loving relationships. She utilizes ART or Accelerated Resolution Therapy which is a groundbreaking new approach that can resolve your hurt and pain faster than you think possible. Minimal Talking Required. :)

Hannah acknowledges that change is uncomfortable. She knows because she has done it herself and sat with many others have changed too. It may be tough at first, but Hannah will listen, challenge and celebrate each baby step with you. You CAN feel happiness, confidence and peace. You CAN like and respect the person you see in the mirror. Let's do this!