Licensed Professional Counselor - MHSP

Why is it so hard to tell the truth?  Sometimes it seems even harder for males raised in traditional environments that demand toughness, stoicism and silence in order to show strength. Hannah believes that most of us grow up telling ourselves that we are NOT going to talk about “it.”  To anyone. Ever. 

Your “it” might be that no one has ever really understood you or accepted you as you are. 

It” could be a hurtful or traumatic event in your life. 

It” might be a relationship with someone you really love, but no matter what you do, it still doesn’t work. 

It” could also be the shame you feel after turning to substances or other addictive behaviors to fill the emptiness and distract yourself from the pain. 

We do all we know to do to feel better, but life keeps happening and we start feeling lost without direction.  At some point, everything that used to work, stops working and you wonder if you will ever be happy or feel anything again.

Hannah can help you learn to feel again, and then to feel good, heal from past challenges and losses, ease anxiety, move THROUGH life’s valleys and have genuinely loving relationships.  She uses ART or Accelerated Resolution Therapy to address the trauma that so often locks us in our pain.  ART is a groundbreaking new approach that can resolve your hurt and pain faster than you think possible and requires very little talking to work.  Most people feel this is a plus.

Hannah is comfortable being uncomfortable right beside you because this is what change requires. She won’t lie to you and will tell you directly that the path will be tough at first.  But it will get easier.  She will celebrate each step with you and help you to keep going no matter how slow or small the progress. She knows from experience that it is possible for you to feel happy, confident and at peace.  She believes that you deserve to like and respect the person you see in the mirror.  Why not just get to work, you won’t regret it.


Below you will find helpful videos, handouts and links to continue your journey at home.