Co-founder and Co-owner
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Logan helps clients struggling with identity issues, trauma, anxiety, grief, life transitions, and substance abuse issues using a promising new approach called Acceptance & Integration Training (AAIT).

What you'll love most about AAIT is its ability to help you quickly resolve the layers of conditioning, self-judgment, loss, and regrets and access a greater sense of wholeness and peace. AAIT works from a non-dual and acceptance-based framework to help you move through your greatest fears and into a fuller life with relative speed and ease.

He especially enjoys working with sexual minority men navigating stuck points related to their sexuality. This often includes addressing religious trauma, identity issues, grieving fractured relationships, navigating sex and intimacy, and dealing with anxiety and existential confusion surrounding issues of faith & sexuality.

Wherever clients are on their journey, Logan aims to partner with them without judgment and provide a place for them to breathe their truth into the world, even if it's for the first time. Your suffering and pain are real, but they don't have to define you. You're ready to take the next step. Reach out today.



This meditation is intended to help you get to know a part of yourself and listen to what it may want you to know about it. This meditation is adapted from Internal Family Systems Skills Training Manual by Frank G. Anderson, Martha Sweezy, and Richard Schwartz.